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Correct photos for the correct Amazon shop

Ever wonders why an Amazon shop with the same product and cheaper pricing is doing worse compared to a newer Amazon shop with the same product and higher pricing? There are numerous factors to take into account. However, one factor we need to be aware of is the correct usage of visual aids to kick start an Amazon shop. After completing thousands Amazon product listing images and analyzing our client’s Amazon shops and collecting feedbacks, a few topics are worth revisiting and looking into closely.

Main photo testing (A/B Testing):

Main Photo testing is a proven method to determine what photos can boost sales. One of the most important variables of what is considered to be a profitable Amazon shop is it’s good listing with high Click Through Rate (CTR). Typically, your Amazon Shop’s CTR quality is based on five factors, including the main image, title, review, price, and the bestseller or Amazon Choice Badge.

There are two methods to test photos that yield consistent results. One way is to put Photo A on the Amazon shop for 30 days, followed by photo B on the Amazon shop for the same number of days, and analyze which image is getting more clicks. Use the photo with a higher number of clicks or a better CTR as your amazon listing photo. An important reminder here is that since Amazon gives you no control when it comes to photo testing, you need to make sure that you change them over time.

Infographic photos work:

An old saying: “A photo is worth a thousand words.” This phrase is proven correct for Amazon and the marketed products. When you are selling something, the only way that you can visualize your product to the buyer is through images, and amazon infographics are the best for increasing your sales and conversion rates.

Our experience in the industry has taught us that you can attract the customer towards your product, service, or brand through visually appealing content with infographics. If the infographic is designed with precision, it can prove to be a useful tool for brand description. We can assure that infographics not only boost brand awareness but also create inbound marketing opportunities.

Think outside the box:

Over the years, a lot of ground has been covered, and the foundation for flawless Amazon product listing techniques has been laid. Based on what we have learned, it’s key to explore new ways of making well-designed listing images instead of following the contemporary practices that most sellers go for.

There are many new sellers out there who try to follow the trend by copying best sellers. However, with our experience, we can assure that we have seen many new sellers become trendsetters by coming up with a new approach to Amazon listing photos. Numerous factors define the success and failure of a particular product’s photo listing on Amazon. However, the points mentioned above come from many years of experience with Amazon product photos.

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