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Common mistakes in Amazon Product photography

We all know the term “a photo speaks a thousand words”, what better way to help your Amazon shop boost its sales then to use the correct photos to illustrate the product. This is easily said then done, so lets look into some common mistakes to avoid when shooting photos.

Use Manual mode on the camera to get the accurate settings

Using manual mode will allow the camera to be calibrated correctly for the shooting crystal clear photos. Don’t confuse manual mode by understanding it as the camera’s focus mode. Manual mode means that you control all of the settings such as the ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, etc, but still set your lens to auto focus.

Blurry photos are a big no no

Sharpness and clarity is appealing to the human brain, so you want to make sure that the photos are as clear and sharp as possible. A tripod is essential to minimize camera shake. Another important consideration here “Aperture.” Generally, the higher the aperture (F/2.8, F/5.6, F/11), the sharper the details in the photo. Most lenses provide great sharpness between F/5.6 and F/16, but you’ll need to test your specific lens to determine the optimal F-stop for the product photos.

Keep change a minimal

When change occurs too often in the photos on an Amazon shop, the lack of consistency can confuse customer and discredit the products. Keeping the product photo simple, clean and, most importantly, consistent to ensure a great customer experience. Try using a timeless white background that will remain appropriate year-round for main product photos, consistent similar themed background for lifestyle photos of similar products and the same fonts and color texts for infographic photos.

There are too many topics to cover but its pretty clear that its takes time, effort and money to have the right setup for shooting quality photos for Amazon products. It is better of to leave this work to professional studios and focus on your product development and marketing.

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