Amazon Product Photo Selection

A common mistake Amazon shop owners make is the misinterpretation of a good product is sufficient to generate good sales. However, if a product is not showcased correctly, prospective buyers will not understand the product, resulting in no conversion rate and thus no sales. A good combination of high quality photos can dramatically boost the sales of an Amazon shop by showcasing and explaining the product in an attractive method.

Understanding different types of photos for Amazon shops:

There are three main categories of photos for products on Amazon shops (Classic Product Photo, Lifestyle Photo and Infographics Photo).

Usage of “Classic Product Photo” for Amazon shops

These photos are primary used for showcasing the product itself with no other elements distracting the viewers. These photos are shot with a white background while the product in the photos are crisp and sharp. Below are the specifications for the main listing photo allowed by Amazon.

Importance of “Lifestyle Photos” for products on Amazon shops:

Other than “Main Classic Product Photos” which only have a white background with the product, Lifestyle Photos can showcase the product in an environment and can show a better understanding of the product to perspective customers. The combination of props, textured surfaces, dramatic lighting, stock photography, or a mix of all four to create small customized settings with big visual impact will get the attention of customers when they are browsing the product. Specifications for Lifestyle photos are similar to Main Classic Product photos with the exception of allowing props and other backgrounds in the image.

Infographic Photos and their advantages:

Prospective customers often would like to know the functions and detailed specifics of the product before deciding on purchasing the product from the Amazon shop. Infographic Photos of the product incorporates the uniqueness of the product by explaining the details of the product using texts, arrows, measurements and other design elements. Requirements of Infographic Photos are similar to the Main Classic Product Photo but allows the usage of texts, arrows, graphics and other elements to supplement the photo.

Depending on the product, we often recommend selecting two Classic Main Product Photos, three Lifestyle Photos and three Infographics Photos. This combination best showcases the product itself, explains the product specifics and functions and demonstrates the product being used in real environments. The reason for two main photos is so you can test them with A/B testing to find out which one has the best CTR (Click Through Rate). For experienced Amazon shop operators, these tasks can be done by themselves but it would really save a lot of time by finding professionals that are experienced in this field and have all the photos custom prepared for them so they can focus on other matters of the Amazon shop.