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3D rendering VS photography

It is important to understand the differences between 3D rendering vs professional photography for Amazon products. Lets look at this closely and see its advantages.

The advantages of using 3D rendering:

Once a 3D model has been rendered, there is no retouching necessary. 3D renderings are whatever your want to make them. You won’t have any unwanted objects in the way to remove post-production. No more lighting challenges. 3D doesn’t present the same weather or lighting challenges. There is no time wasted creating 3D renderings in this case. Edits are much more flexible. When a photo shoot is done, it’s done. But with 3D renderings, you have the option to change angles or retouch as needed.

The advantages of Professional photography:

Photography is honest and you get what you see. That’s not to say 3D rendered images cannot be honest, but photography captures everything that is really there. Sure, editors can always retouch your photos to eliminate unwanted objects, but photos will give viewers a look at the real thing. Capture multiple versions, angles of your product whether its during the day, night, where lights are dim or bright. There are different versions of photos you can use such as infographics, life-style.

3D rendering is often used for electronics products where a rendered model is sufficient to illustrate your product for potential buyers and professional photos gives more details about the product as it provides more visual stimulation by using different kinds of photos.

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