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3 product types affected by weather conditions in a factory

A lot of manufactures don’t realize this but weather can affect greatly on their final product quality. If you go to some of the more advance factories, you will see constant monitoring on temperature and humidity. Some products can be affected from season to season, some can even be affected during different parts of the day. This is especially true in southern part of China. Where the temperature and humidity can get to extreme levels. Let’s look at some of the products that can easily be affected by weather.

Plastic Products

Plastic products should be measured closely, especially for precision parts. Under the wrong condition, quality can vary greatly. During the forming process, if the weather is too extreme and the factory did not control the temperature, potential for defects will be very high. For example, once injection is done, when mold opens, item should be under certain temperature and slowly cools down. But if it’s too cold, product may retract at certain soft points and cause breakage.

Wooden Products

Even though southern part of China has a greater humidity level, other parts of China has this issue as well during certain parts of the year. If wooden products are exposed to humid weather, it can easily get moldy after 30 days on the open water. This is the reason why you should always check the humidity level on your wooden products before shipment. The acceptable humidity level for all wooden products should be under 12%. Of course, different country will have different requirements.

Paper Products

Many paper manufactures were forced to relocate to northern part of China due to pollution issues and for cheaper labor. But there are still a lot of secondary processing suppliers all over China. Same as wooden products, paper can be heavily affected by weather conditions. You can have a whole order ruin if factory do not have a controlled environment.

If the product quality you manufacture can easily be affected by weather condition, it’s highly recommended for you to hire an experienced auditor to audit the factory processes and look at how they set up preventive measures. Factories in the Guangdong area are generally more advance when it comes to process control, but never assume factories are the experts until you see a detailed audit report.

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